Odin/PTS M12 Sidewinder Speedloader - OD

by PTS
SKU OD101450340/34888
  • The M12 Sidewinder is an essential piece of gear for every airsoft player's kit. 
  • With the quick spin of a crank, almost any M4 mid-cap magazine can be fully loaded in under 5 seconds. 
  • Spin the crank as fast as you want. Each revolution loads 12 BBs and a clutch kicks in when full so you can never overfill a magazine
  • The compact size of the M12 Sidewinder means it fits perfectly inside any double M4 mag pouch, allowing easy carry into the field.
  • The M12 Sidewinder can hold up to 1600 rounds. 
  • The capacity of this speed loader allows you to load twelve mid caps before needing to refill. 
  • Sliding door for easy refilling.
  • Designed by an airsoft player for airsoft players, the M12 Sidewinder is the last speed loader you'll ever need.
  • Olive drab model.

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