Tokyo Marui MTR16 G Edition GBBR

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  • Tokyo Marui's GBBR range keeps getting bigger and better! The MTR G Edition represents their flagship, GBBR, with an abundance of custom parts and finishes!
  • The huge 16-inch outer barrel design, derived from civilian models, is finished with a  gold color inspired by titanium nitride coatings. The twist shape lightens the barrel in conjunction with its aluminium construction.
  • In addition, if you remove the muzzle compensator, you can install a muzzle option with a 14 mm reverse screw specification such as a silencer.
  • In addition to the charging handle, various operation levers are ambi specifications that can be accessed from either the left or right and the large size allows reliable operation even with gloved hands. 
  • By reversing the extension at the lower rear end of the stock, you can select the concave type that is in close contact with the body or the convex type that allows the muzzle to move up and down, which also supports 6-stage expansion and contraction adjustment.
  • The grip adopts a vertical design that is easy to grasp even if the stock is shortened.
  • The MTR features an aluminium upper and lower receiver with realistic markings.
  • The latest rail system "M-LOK" is used for rigid aluminum cutting hand guards. The hand guard, which allows you to add rails only where needed, is slim and easy to handle.
  • The M-LOK rail with a width of 20mm (Picatinny standard) comes with one of three types of slots: 3 slots, 5 slots, and 7 slots. They can be easily removed with the attached hexagon wrench.
  • Features Tokyo Marui's new patented ZET System, which extends the life of the bolt carrier and bolt lock far beyond that of other designs, stress-tested for over 10,000 engagements. The barrel clamp mechanism which puts out the center of the barrel, has been improved.
  • Plastic nozzle gives a tight gas seal, with no gas loss through the ejection port.
  • Metal parts are abundant, including the upper and lower receiver, barrel assembly and sight tower, delta ring, stock tube, dust cover, rear sling mount, magazine, trigger, magazine release and selector.
  • The buffer tube and bolt spring is mil-spec so can accept real-steel replacements.
  • The MTR locks the bolt back upon firing the last round from the magazine.
  • Magazines are 20rd in capacity. Also accepts full size MWS 35rd magazines.
  • Adjustable hop-up unit.
  • A 20mm metal top rail traverses the upper receiver for attachment of any 20mm optic.
  • Working charging handle that can be pulled backwards and released.
  • Fantastic range and accuracy for a GBB, with phenomenal consistency.
  • Six position retractable stock.
  • A very heavy, realistic GBB, coming in at 2.676kg.
  • 100 high quality Marui 0.2g BBs are included.
  • Note that 134a or 144a gas is recommended for use by Tokyo Marui. This recommendation is for ambient temperatures of 20-25 degrees celsius. 
  • Additional magazines available here
  • Want adjustable fps and consistent power with green gas? If you game in a country with a 1 joule limit, the Angry Gun adjustable nozzles are an absolute must. You can tune your fps perfectly instead of relying on the temperature of the day to dictate your power. See them here.
  • Fires at: 320fps (144a)
  • Weighs: 2.676kg
  • Length: 837-919mm
  • Gas Required: 144a or green gas

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