ULTIMATE M105 Spring - Green

by ASG
SKU 18764
  • ULTIMATE – MILSPEC - M105 – Spring rate: 0.467N/mm
  • Ultimate Mil-Spec AEG springs are manufactured out of the best steel (SiCr) available for springs.
  • With minimum loss in power and consistency, the Mil-Spec spring series is the ULTIMATE choice for your AEG.
  • The Mil-Spec springs are color coded for better identifying them when switching out the spring for different skirmishes. 
  • The springs are designed from the start to deliver the best output while keeping its coil strength, consistency and quality.
  • With the closed and grinded ends, the spring remains in place during use to prevent reduction in ROF due to bending.
  • Available in M95, M105, M115, M125, and M135
  • Rating is in metres per second, multiply the spring M number by 3.28 to get feet per second. M number is a guide only, power output depends on your AEG, barrel length, cylinder, quality of seals etc.

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