ULTIMATE M115 Spring - Yellow

by ASG
SKU 18765
  • High quality spring from ULTIMATE.
  • This is the Yellow M115 spring from ASG 
  • Military specification spring steel which means the best possible steel for springs.
  • The calibration test has been carried out on 6.03 - 300mm barrel. Zero hopup with 0.20g BB's.
  • Progressive coiling - Provides a soft start which eases stress on both mechanical and electrical parts.
  • Closed and grinded ends - Stable straight ends minimizes side bending which reduce ROF loss.
  • Pre-compressed which greatly reduces power loss from initial shrinkage.
  • Black zink plating which is the only corrosion protection which does not impair spring performance.
  • Full specification control secures exact same specification at every spring.
  • Color coding for easy indication of individual spring grade
  • View our entire range of ULTIMATE parts here.

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