Walther (Umarex) EPS3 Scope & Magnifier Mount Set

by Walther
SKU 21105 2.1033
  • The Evolution Point Sight 3 has a finely adjustable red dot with a diameter of 4 MOA.
  • The EPS 3 is not just a red dot sight, however, it is a complete set consisting of a sight and a 3-power magnifier in a sturdy polymer jacket.
  • The scope and magnifier are perfectly matched for each other in terms of height, so not adjustment is required so long as they are mounted to the same rail system.
  • The magnifier has a focus ring allowing you to adjust focus depending on your required range. Magnification level is 3x.
  • It is also hinged, so with a quick pull back on the spring loaded lock mechanism, you can hinge the magnifier 90 degrees out from the scope, allowing the red dot to be used natively with no magnification.
  • Another useful feature is the offset scope mount, which significantly increases the adjustment range on the mounting rail.
  • Flip protective covers on the scope, powered by x2 LR44 batteries, included.
  • The red dot on the EPS3 is a small, fine red dot, best used in darker environments or with the magnifier in brighter conditions.
  • Branding may vary between Walther & Umarex.

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