Viper 1.5L Modular Hydration Bladder Pouch - OD

by Viper
  • This kit consists of a 1.5 litre water bladder, contained within a high quality hydration pouch.
  • The pack itself features a large filling neck that allows you to easily fill the pack from even the largest container.
  • The bladder is made from an antimicrobial material.
  • Screw cap allows easy access and an airtight seal.
  • The feed tube feeds into the pack at the top of the pouch.
  • Velcro rings on the sides of the pouch keep the feed tube neatly stowed away.
  • The mouthpiece features a protective dirt/dust cap to keep it clean.
  • MOLLE webbing is also found on the front of the pack.
  • Usable between -20°C and +50°C.
  • Can not hold dairy, alcoholic products or hot fluids.
  • A buttoned flap at the rear allows easy access to the bladder inside.
  • Handy carry handle.
  • Olive drab in colour.

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