Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a - 700ml

by Abbey
SKU 5060155010274
  • Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a is a low/medium power gas for use in lighter mostly plastic, guns.
  • It has the same superb UPL as the more powerful Abbey Predator Ultra Gas, ensuring trouble free operation at all times.
  • Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a can be used for indoor skirmishes where lower velocities are normally required.
  • It should be used in hotter climates where risk of damage may occur if the more powerful gases are used.
  • Use Abbey Predator Gun Gas 144a where manufacturers recommend 134a gas.
  • It has the same power as 134a gas and will not damage your gun.
  • Predator Gun Gas 144a replaces Abbey Gun Gas 134a which was banned for airsoft under the Tokyo Protocol.
  • It contains no CFC’s or HFC’s and is environmentally safe.
  • This gas is unsuitable for any full metal pistol as it is much too weak for decent performance.
  • We are unable to ship gas outside of the EU.


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